How to clean and maintain the Galaxy Watch?

Last Update Date : Dec 05. 2018
Galaxy Watch

To ensure your Galaxy Watch functions correctly and maintains its appearance please follow the advice below. Failure to do so may damage the Galaxy Watch and could cause skin irritation.

  • Prevent the device from being exposed to salt water, chemical products such as cosmetics, antibacterial spray, hand cleaner, detergent, and insecticides. The Galaxy Watch’s exterior and interior parts may be damaged or it could result in poor performance. If your Galaxy Watch is exposed to any of the previously mentioned substances, use a lint-free, soft cloth to clean it.
  • Do not use soap, cleaning agents, abrasive materials and compressed air when cleaning your Galaxy Watch and do not clean it with the external heat sources. Doing so may damage the Galaxy Watch. Skin irritation may be caused by soap, detergents hand sanitizers, or cleaning agents left on the Galaxy Watch.
  • Clean your wrist and band after exercising or sweating. Clean the Galaxy Watch with freshwater, wipe it with a little rubbing alcohol and dry your Galaxy Watch thoroughly.
  • When you remove sun block, lotion, or oil, use a soap-free detergent, then rinse and dry your Galaxy Watch thoroughly.
  • If the Galaxy Watch gets stained or contains any materials, wipe it with a moistened soft bristle toothbrush.

Please note: Do not insert sharp objects into the atmospheric pressure sensor, the pressure vent, speaker, or the microphone. Inner components of the Galaxy Watch may be damaged along with the water-resistance feature. If the device is exposed to salt water ensure this is rinsed in fresh water.

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