My Tab S6 keyboard wont stick

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

To ensure a stronger bond, the sticky part needs to be attached for 1hr before use. After 1hr of attachment, you need to remove the cover from the corner due to the strong adhesion.


Further information:

- The adhesive strength may be reduced if the surface of the adhesive pad is dirty.


- Cleanse the pad gently with a damp towel and then dry the pad completely before attaching the cover.


- If the temperature is too low, the cover may not be attached firmly to the tablet.


- For best results attach the cover to the tablet at room temperature then press the back of the adhesive pad evenly against the tablet then leave it for an hour before use.


- To remove the tablet from the cover,  slide your fingers between the adhesive pad and the tablet, then lift the cover from the outside edge.


- Lifting any other part except the adhesive pad may cause damage to the device


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