What are the Secure Lock settings?

Last Update date : Sep 30. 2020

Secure Lock settings allow you to further customise your lock screen security. You can choose to make your pattern visible, enable auto factory reset and customise how long before lock automatically activates after the screen times out. If you want to further personalise your secure lock settings head into your Settings > Lock Screen > Secure Lock Settings > Enter your passcode > toggle off/ on your preferred settings.

Please Note: You will require a screen lock passcode to customise your Secure Lock settings.
Screenshots and settings were captured from a Galaxy S10 operating on Android OS version 9.0 (Pie), options and steps available may vary depending on the Galaxy device and Android OS version.

Lock Screen and Security

Secure Lock settings

Secure lock settings will allow you to change certain security functions such as:

  • Make Pattern Visible – Toggle to display entry or hide entry of your unlock pattern.
  • Lock Automatically – Allows you to select the lock timeout for your device from immediately to 30 Minutes
  • Lock instantly with power key – Allows you to press the Power key to Lock your device instantly.
  • Auto factory reset – If your device has had 15 incorrect attempts to unlock it, your device will be reset to factory default settings and all data will be erased including files and downloaded apps.
  • Lock network and security – You are able to keep network and security-related functions locked while your phone is locked. This makes it a lot easier to locate and protect if it is lost or stolen.
  • Show Lockdown options - Allows you to show lockdown option when you hold the power button. 

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