Samsung Knox,
how we fully protect your device and service

Samsung Knox,
how we fully protect your device and service

Samsung Knox protects your devices and services with our extensive security principles and deep partnerships.
We work relentlessly to ensure that you can trust Samsung Knox for the full protection of your data and way of life.

Samsung Knox Security Principles

We build our Chain of Trust from tamper-resistant hardware Root of Trust (RoT).

Our Root of Trust is deeply embedded in our chips and not exposed to the outside world while accessible only to a limited set of applications.
We ensure our primary software functions are not tampered with while offering end-to-end personal data protection.
Our hardware-backed security features allow our customers to feel safe and maintain peace of mind.

We provide a dedicated execution environment that processes sensitive and confidential data while protecting against malware attacks.

Protected Video Playback, User authentication, and Payment Applications run in our safe execution environment. For User Authentication Apps, our safe execution environment blocks unauthorized access to sensitive biometric information. For Payment Apps, our safe execution environment ensures the secure handling of payment transactions.

Highly sensitive data such as biometrics, PIN values, or PII are stored in fully isolated secure storage that is robust towards data leakage threats.

Our fully isolated secure storage is also resistant to physical attacks.

We adopt proven cryptographic algorithms and technology to offer data protection solutions.

Samsung's products and services use internationally recognized and standardized cryptographic technologies. We ensure the implementation of these cryptographic technologies through certifications such as the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS). Customers’ data is safely stored in encrypted form. Such data protection mechanisms are also applied to data-at-rest and data-in-transit.

We apply robust authentication technologies that qualify only designated users to access our devices and services.

A broad range of user authentication technologies such as PIN, pattern, password, fingerprint, and iris recognition are used in combination to offer robust user authentication. In addition, Samsung Account can be used to control access to internet services, and our multi-authentication may be applied to allow only designated users to access and use devices, services, and data.

We deploy technologies that detect illegal tampering activities in your device and services. We proactively build mechanisms that notify and alert users of these activities to prevent any potential threats to users.

We detect and prevent tampering attempts launched on our products to ensure that each and every product remains safe and sound. We verify the integrity of the executed software at boot-up time using secure boot. Our software verification technology carries over to software updates preventing un-verified installation of software updates. Our real-time protection technology provides always-on protection over run-time software and sensitive data.

We apply the latest security updates and patches to combat attacks from the ever-changing malware and hacking landscape.

Samsung products provide security updates through a variety of channels. We offer online Over-the-Network updates as well as periodic and urgent security updates to broadly and swiftly address vulnerabilities.

From concept to end of life, we follow a strict security development process that covers the entire lifespan of our products and customer experience.

Our security policies extend to classifying, handling, and processing how we protect personal data and other forms of confidential data. We go through rigorous security design reviews that consider all types of attack vectors. We constantly monitor the threat landscape for emerging threats over our devices and services.

Offer comprehensive security
with certified Knox security platform

Samsung’s Knox security platform is the foundation for protection in a personal device, enterprise business solution, and service.
The Knox security platform consists of multiple layers of defense and security mechanisms that protect data from malicious software and threats. The Knox security platform is proven and certified by numerous government agencies, security certification bodies, and third-party security vendors.
From the moment the customer powers on the device, the Knox security platform protects the device and services.

Knox security technology deeply embedded in our products

Samsung Knox provides a digital environment where customers can safely use our products and services.
「Secured by Knox」 guarantees safety.


Knox securely protects confidential and sensitive data at every layer in a Samsung Galaxy Device.
From the moment a Galaxy device is powered on, Knox provides real-time protection all the time.


Knox securely provides cross-cutting protection of user data and services from Samsung’s Smart TV devices to online platforms and services.
We provide users with a secure and optimized TV experience.

Home Appliance

Knox’s robust authentication and proven cryptography technology is the backbone for securely controlling and monitoring SmartThings’s powered Samsung smart home appliances.

We maintain the highest level of security and assurance

Samsung works closely with security research communities around the world in pursuit of comprehensive security.
We receive security bugs and vulnerabilities from various channels, including e-mail and report site. We swiftly remediate threats and vulnerabilities.
We also operate Bug Bounty Program, which rewards the security communities for finding and reporting security vulnerabilities.

Report security bugs and vulnerabilities

We encourage researchers to report security bugs and vulnerabilities to the site below. We’ll process each report swiftly and carefully.

Advancing research in security technology

We constantly research and develop security and privacy protection technologies that raise the bar for the safety and accessibility of Samsung products and services.