Can I sync Gallery photos with OneDrive?

Last Update date : Dec 27. 2022

Samsung lets you sync your Gallery photos with your OneDrive account, so you can save the best photos and memories on your devices, and the Cloud, for easy and quick access.

Gallery and OneDrive icons with a sync icon in between.

You can always sync your gallery with your OneDrive account. All your photos and videos from the Samsung Gallery app are automatically uploaded and synced to OneDrive.

When you delete a synced photo from your gallery, it will also be deleted from OneDrive, and when you delete a synced photo from OneDrive, it will also be deleted from your Gallery.

Editing photos on either Gallery or OneDrive will automatically show changes in both services, making it much easier to manage your photos. You can download synced photos not only from your phone and tablet but also from your PC and TV.

Support specifications

  • Devices: Samsung smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, PC, etc.
  • Software: AndroidTM O (8.0) OS or higher, 1.5 GB Memory or more.
  • Models: Samsung Gallery/OneDrive sync is available for certain models and markets only.
  • Connections: Gallery Sync requires a network (Wi-Fi, etc.) connection.

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