How to fix fan noises on Samsung refrigerator

Last Update date : Apr 11. 2022

If your refrigerator is making a noise that stops once the fridge door is opened, there are a couple of things to check before organizing a service request. It could be whining, buzzing or grinding - all audible indications that the fan that cools the fridge is getting caught on something that shouldn't be there. The noise stops when the doors are open because the fan automatically turns off when the refrigerator doors are open.

Check the following instances.

Check 1. Make sure the fridge is level

The refrigerator is not properly leveled If only one of the front wheels of the fridge is touching the ground. You'll want to ensure that the front of the fridge is raised to the maximum height and then leveled from left to right. If not correctly leveled, the fan could be spinning off-center and creating noise.

Check 2. Check the door seals

Make sure all the seals are clean and undamaged on your doors. If there is not an airtight seal all the way around the seals, the refrigerator will have to work harder to keep the inside cool.

Check 3. Ensure proper airflow inside the fridge

Make sure there isn't any food blocking the vents inside the fridge - keep all food at least 5cm away from any vents in the back of the fridge to make sure they don't frost over. If there is any blockage to the vents you may need to manually defrost the refrigerator.

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