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Home Appliances

Innovations that Nurture

Innovations that help you build a home conducive to learning and nurture, making your home the ideal place to share more love.

Innovations that make you a superstar at home. Life made easy with Samsung’s Digital Appliances.


Freshness guaranteed

Fresh food within your fridge all day.

Samsung Refrigerators

Washing Machines

Innovations that make washing fun and easy.

Samsung washers are stocked with amazing innovations that easily clean your clothes thoroughly, with less effort.

Samsung Washing Machine

Air Conditioners

Your air conditioning partner

Samsung air conditioners have been integrated with the latest technology, to bring cool comfort within your home.

Samsung Air Conditioners

Cooking Appliances

Innovations that make cooking fast and easy

Learn and share with Samsung Digital Appliances. Make it a fun experience with the family with these technological innovations.

Samsung Cooking Appliances