Backup data using enhanced Samsung Cloud feature on J7 Pro

Last Update date : Jul 25. 2022

You can manage the content that you want to store securely in Samsung Cloud.

You can keep your personal information, app data, and settings safe on your device.

You can back up your sensitive information and access it later.


For this, you must sign in to your Samsung account to back up or restore data. On the Settings screen, tap Settings > Cloud and accounts > Samsung Cloud.


And, check the usage status of your Samsung Cloud storage, and sync, back up, and restore your data.

Cloud and Accounts
Samsung Cloud
Cloud Usage

Cloud Usage - View the amount of storage space you are currently using in Samsung Cloud and the amount of usage by data type. You can also delete backup data from old devices after restoring data.


Sync Settings - Customize the sync settings of your data such as contacts, calendar events, images and videos.


Backup and Restore - backup your application data and device settings to Samsung Cloud and restore them when needed.

Back up Data

Tap the Back up my data and tap the switches next to the items you want to back up to activate them, and then tap BACK UP NOW.


Data will be backed up to Samsung Cloud. To set the device to automatically back up data, tap the Auto back up switch to activate it.

BackUp now
BackUp data

Data to Back Up


Basic Content

Contact, Calendar, Gallery, Samsung Notes, Internet, Keyboard data

Basic Settings

Phone logs, Alarm and World Clock


APK files, App Data, App Settings

Home Screen

App and Widget Layouts, Wallpaper


Accessibility, Ringtone, Samsung Keyboards and Wi-Fi


MMS, SMS, Music, Voice Recording, Documents

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