Answer calls and text messages on Galaxy Watch Active

Last Update date : Jul 26. 2022

When the earbuds are connected to a mobile device, you can answer and control calls from the connected mobile device.

Using Call features


Making a call

When you press the power button (Home Button) to access your apps tray, the phone icon will allow you to make calls directly through the watch. You will have the option of calling your most recent contacts, search through your contact list or dial from the keypad.

Making Calls

Use one of the followings methods to make a call: 

• Tap  , enter a number using the keypad, and then tap

• Tap , scroll through the contact list, select a contact, and then tap 

• Scroll through the log list, select a log entry, and then tap 

Answering a call

To answer a call, drag   outside the large circle.


You can have phone conversation through the connected mobile device with your Galaxy Watch Active.

Rejecting a call

You can reject incoming calls and send a rejection message to the caller. When a call comes in, drag   across the screen.


To send a message when rejecting an incoming call, swipe upwards from the bottom edge of the screen.

Options during calls

Replying to a Text Message

When an incoming message pops up on the Watch face you will be given the option to reply directly through the text or clear the notification by swiping the screen up to that pop up. 

To reply to a text simply select the text notification and choose from the options – Voice-to-text, Emoji, Keyboard or Quick Responses and tap on send once completed.

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