How to change the screen mode or adjust the display color to your preference

Last Update date : May 17. 2023

You can change the screen mode or adjust the display’s color and contrast settings to your preference. To do this, follow the guide below.

Change the Screen mode

You can adjust the display tone to Vivid or Natural using the Screen mode setting. Follow the steps below to select the Screen mode you prefer.

  • Vivid: This optimizes the color range, saturation, and sharpness of your display. You can also adjust the display color balance by color value.
  • Natural: This adjusts the screen to a natural tone.

Open Settings > Display >  Screen mode. Then select the mode you want.

screen mode change settings


  • You can adjust the display color in Vivid mode only.
  • Vivid mode may not be compatible with third-party apps.

Optimize the full screen color balance

You can optimize your display colors by adjusting the color tones. Adjust the white balance in screen mode and set the display to a cooler or warmer color tone. Follow the steps below to optimize the color balance.

Go to Settings > Display > Screen mode > Vivid. Move the color adjustment bar under White balance.

screen mode adjust white balance

When you drag the color adjustment bar towards Cool, the blue color tone will increase.

When you drag the bar towards Warm, the red color tone will increase.

Adjust the screen tone by color value

If you want to adjust your display in more detail, you can adjust the Red, Green, or Blue values individually in Advanced settings to increase or decrease specific tones. Follow the steps below to adjust a specific tone.

Go to Settings > Display > Screen mode > Advanced settings. Then, adjust the R (Red), G (Green), or B (Blue) color bar to your preference. The screen tone will be adjusted accordingly.

screen mode advanced settings

Note: Device screenshots and menus may vary depending on the device model and software version.

How to use the Samsung Members app

How to use the Samsung Members app

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