How to fix Black and White Screen on Galaxy S10?

Last Update date : Nov 11. 2020
Balck and white screen

If your Galaxy S10 series looks like it's in black and white, the Wind down, Night mode, Power Saving mode, or Visibility enhancements functions may have been enabled.

Wind down mode

When Wind down mode is enabled, the screen on your phone will appear to be in black and white and will continue to do so until the mode is turned off. Powering the phone off and on will not turn off the feature.  


Check whether this mode is enabled or not by following the below steps :

1 Go to Settings and then tap Digital wellbeing
Digital Wellbeing
2 Tap Wind down

You can activate Wind down mode to reduce eye strain before sleeping and prevent your sleep from being disturbed.

Greyscale: Displays colors on the screen as grey tones.

Do not disturb: Set the device to mute incoming calls and notification sounds, except for allowed exceptions.


Night mode

Night mode also can reduce eye strain by applying the dark theme when using the device at night or in a dark place.

Check whether night mode is enabled or not by following the given steps :

1 Open Settings
2 Tap Display
3 Tap the switch next to Night mode.

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