How to update software using Smart Switch

Last Update date : Mar 23. 2021

Not only is Smart Switch great for transferring data, it’s also an easy way to update your device’s software. When you open Smart Switch on your Mac or Windows PC, you’ll see an option to update to a new software version if one is available.

Technical Requirements

Your devices need a few things to work with Smart Switch. Have a check below to see if they’re compatible.


Smart Switch for Android

A Samsung device with Android OS version 4.3 or later

Smart Switch for Windows

OS: Windows 7 or later

Smart Switch for Mac

OS: Mac OS X 10.9 or later

MAC supported model 
Hardware: Models released after 2013* 

Download Smart Switch

You’re going to need a copy of Smart Switch installed on your computer and your mobile device. Using Smart Switch’s computer version, update your device with the latest software.

Software update via Smart Switch

Step 1. Connect your device to your computer using the USB cable provided with your device, and then open Smart Switch on your computer.

Step 2. If a software update is available, Smart Switch might automatically prompt you to update the software or will display an option to update.

Step 3. Click Update and use the on-screen prompts to download the necessary files.

Step 4. Click OK to proceed. Your device may turn off and on a few times during the update process. When the update is complete, the device returns to the Home screen.

Note: Don't disconnect the USB cable or use your device until the update is complete.

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