Samsung Earbuds do not work

Last Update date : Sep 21. 2020

If the Galaxy Buds or Gear IconX earbuds are not working properly, there are couple things you can do to fix them. 

• The battery may be completely discharged. Charge the battery completely before using the earbuds.

Find out about Charging your Galaxy earbuds


• If an earbud’s touch-sensitive sensor does not make contact with your ear, the earbud may not work .Make sure that the touch-sensitive sensor is clean (Remove any obstacle, dust and ear wax from the  touch-sensitive sensor)

• If you do not hear a sound informing you that the earbuds are detected, remove the earbuds from your ears and put them in again.

• If the touchpad does not recognize the earbuds or the earbuds do not work, insert the earbuds into their corresponding slots in the charging case and remove them after seven econds or more.

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