What are the new features and upgrades of One UI 4.1?

Last Update date : Mar 02. 2022

One UI 4.1 comes with updates to your favorite features and functions. Every part of the upgrade is produced with your user experience in mind, including UI upgrades, a new Smart Widget feature, updates to the Gallery and Photo Editor and S Pen enhancements to increase your productivity.

Before you try the recommendations below, be sure to check if your device's software and related apps are updated to the latest version. To update your mobile device's software, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to Settings > Software update.

Step 2. Tap on Download and install.

Step 3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Innovative Smart Widget

With the introduction of Smart Widget, users can stack up to 7 Smart Widgets (including third party apps) which can be viewed by swiping to the left or right. Smart rotation delivers timely and meaningful information by analyzing user contexts and behaviors and automatically displays the most relevant stacked widget.

Up to three glance widgets display the most relevant widget depending on user scenarios and shows or dismisses widgets automatically. For example, if you have a Calendar event in the next 30 minutes, an upcoming event widget will appear, informing the user of the event, remaining time until the event, and relevant information. The upcoming event widget will automatically disappear if the user taps on the upcoming widget to check the event or if the event time has passed.

Enhanced S Pen and Notes Experience

With in-app collaboration for Samsung Notes, users can edit a note on one device and use another device to edit, select or change settings. Users can also easily add a web link and web page with Quick note enhancement.

Although you can enjoy Air command in the pre-loaded Standard mode, try adding Compact mode to use Air command without covering the entire screen.

One UI 4.1 S Pen Standard mode One UI 4.1 S Pen Standard mode

Standard mode

One UI 4.1 S Pen Compact mode One UI 4.1 S Pen Compact mode

Compact mode

Gallery has been immensely upgraded and includes a ton of new features to enjoy. You can take professional quality portraits with additional remaster and AI-based tools that have been added to improve your photos.

Change the portrait effect
Apply the portrait effect to pictures that were not captured in Portrait mode. Gallery now recognizes the portrait and provides a background effect adjustment option.

Portrait Relighting
Users can also achieve a Studio effect with the option to add additional lighting from any direction using the newly added Relighting circle. Users can also adjust the intensity of the additional lighting with the Intensity bar.

Galaxy S22 portrait relighting

Create 24-hour time lapse
Gallery automatically recognizes pictures with skies or sunsets and can create 24-hour time lapse videos.

Director’s view
In One UI 4.1, the Camera app also provides a split save option of two videos for the Director’s view that can be played together with various view types and can also be merged to provide a new perspective.

Enhanced Photo Remaster
Using the Enhanced Photo Remaster feature, you can improve photo quality by removing reflections, shadows, and more. Remastered photos replace the original image and display a “Remastered” tag.

  • Old-faded photo enhancer: Enhance an old-faded photo’s noise or blurry colors.
Old faded photo enhanced
  • De-Moire: Remove grid patterns that occur when capturing a picture from a TV or monitor.
De-Moire remove grid patterns that occur when capturing a screen

Newly added Shadow eraser and Reflection eraser
Easily erase shadows or reflections that are automatically detected with the press of a button.

To use the Object Eraser: from Gallery, navigate to Edit, then press More options (three vertical dots) and you can find Object Eraser.

AI Eraser erase shadow from box of macarons

Diversified Suggestions
The Enhanced Intelligent assistant will recommend Suggestions to optimize your photos and will help produce new content, creating a highlight video of the special moments of your videos.

Enhanced Clean out
The Enhanced Clean out feature helps organize your photos and videos. Suggestions are made to remove large video clips from Motion photos or duplicate photos, which can free up storage space.

Re-organized layout
For a more immersive editing experience, the basic layout has been re-organized for a cleaner look. The More and Auto adjust buttons have been moved to the bottom area for an enhanced one-handed experience, and scattered decoration items have been organized into a separate Decorations menu.

Center focus structure
The scale controller has been changed to center focus for easier navigation and one-handed movement control.

Video collage
With Video collage, users can create a mixed collage of images and videos.


  • Up to 4 FHD video files can be added to create a collage.

Non-destructive video editing structure
Similar to the photo editor, the Non-destructive video editing structure is supported by the Video Editor. After editing a video, users can revert to the original version, or save a copy of the edited video.

Note: Device screenshots and menus may vary depending on the device model and software version.

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