What causes streaked rays from light sources and black lines on mobile device?

Last Update date : Sep 21. 2020

Black lines and  flickering when taking photos or video near fluorescent lights

This is a normal phenomenon related to flicker of light source that occurs when the light source taking the form of a flashing frequency of the fluorescent lamp to the camera. Flicker phenomenon can mainly be generated at a shutter speed of 1/120 or more and it occurs in the characteristics of the CMOS sensor.


This is normal operation which can happen on all camera with CMOS sensor and it’s caused by CMOS sensor’s original specification.

Black lines and flickering

If excessive heat or high-density energy, direct sunlight is concentrated in certain areas of the camera lens, it may cause damage to the micro lens on the camera. Be careful not to expose the camera lens to a strong light source, such as direct sunlight. If the camera lens is exposed to a strong light source, such as direct sunlight, the camera image sensor may be damaged. A damaged image sensor is irreparable and will cause dots or spots in pictures.

Pink dots


Black dots (Black Sun phenomenon)

This is Black Sun phenomenon that can appear when specific pixel is focused by too much amount of lights at the same time. It is a normal operation which can happen on all camera with CMOS sensor. At such an environment, we recommend to change to a lower exposure value.

*Exposure determines how much light the camera’s sensor receives




Linear light appears around light source

The phenomenon that appears on your camera is not faulty. It’s normal flare phenomenon and it can occur when shooting under backlight that sun/light is located close to screen frame or fingerprint/foreign matter gets on the lens. When you take shoot of objects around bright lights, you can easily find it. At that time, please specify where sun is not so close to the screen or check again once you have removed the foreign material on lens (As foreign matter can remain according wiping method, please wipe the lens in a circle around to remove the foreign material completely).

It may differ slightly by lens specification and foreign matter on lens.


linear light appears around light source

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