What is Bixby Home and how to activate it?

Last Update date : Sep 21. 2020
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What is Bixby Home?

This is the main page of Bixby which studies the user’s behaviours and recommends content suitable in different circumstances, ensuring convenient use.


Main Features: 

• Access just about everything with a swipe.

• Quick glance of your activities from social networks, appointments, weather, in different cards.

• Bixby learns about you and predict what you might be looking for.

• Complete certain tasks like a Reminder, Call Uber, Watch YouTube, Calendar etc.

Note: Bixby is only supported by the Galaxy S8, S8+, Note8 and S9, S9+ 

How to activate Bixby

To open Bixby Home, press the Bixby key from the Home screen, the Lock screen, or even when the display is off.

Tap Bixby Key

• From the Home screen, swipe to the right.

How to deactivate Bixby Home from Home screen?
1 To hide Bixby Home from the Home screen, tap and hold an empty area on the Home screen
Tap Bixby
2 Swipe to the right
Swipe screen tot the right
3 Tap the Hello Bixby switch to deactivate it.
Deactiavte bixby swotch
How to turn off Bixby feature?

You can choose to open Bixby Home as it does currently. Or, you can select“No Action” if you do not want anything to happen when you “short press” the key.

1 Tap More option at the top of the Bixby Home.
Tap More options
2 Tap Settings
Tap Settings
3 Tap Bixby key.
Tap Bixby Key
4 Select “Don’t open anything”
Tap Bixby Key
Typical scenario for using Bixby Home

Bixby learns your routine, so you’ll have the right content ready when you need it.  By looking for patterns in your app usage by time and location, Bixby can predict what you might be looking for.


 Eg: In the morning, music and today's schedule, news and weather will be shown. In the evening, time change you've made on Alarm app, today's health activity statistics summary will be shown.

Manage cards through Bixby Home setting

When you open Bixby Home, you can review the content that is frequently updated as Bixby cards. Swipe upwards or downwards to view the Bixby cards. Cards are automatically arranged by relevance to the certain time based on TPO (Time, Place, Occasion) by analyzing user's behavior patterns.


You can access a limited view of Bixby Home to only view important Cards and choose which one you'd like to display.

1 Tap More option at the top of the Bixby Home.
Tap More options
2 Tap Settings
Tap Settings
3 Tap Apps
Tap Apps
4 Tap the switches next to items to add or delete them.
Tap Apps
5 If an app is not installed on the device, you must install it to use

Choose apps to download

For more information on Bixby: http://www.samsung.com/global/galaxy/apps/bixby/

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