What to do when fingerprint is not recognized on Galaxy device?

Last Update date : Sep 22. 2020

Your phone's fingerprint sensor provides a convenient and secure way to unlock your phone, and keeps your personal information safe with no codes to remember. If you're having issues with your fingerprint scanner there are a number of solutions you can try.


Check for common issues with fingerprint recognition on phones

When you scan your fingerprints on the device, be aware of the following conditions that may affect the feature’s performance:

Inspect the screen for scratches and dirt

• The fingerprint recognition sensor recognizes fingerprints. Ensure that the fingerprint recognition sensor is not scratched or  damaged by metal objects, such as coins, keys, and  necklaces.
• Ensure that the fingerprint recognition area and your fingers are clean and dry.
• The device may not recognize fingerprints that are affected by wrinkles or scars.
• The device may not recognize fingerprints from small or thin fingers.
• If you bend your finger or use a fingertip, the device may not recognize your fingerprints. Make sure to cover the entire fingerprint recognition sensor with your finger.
• To improve recognition performance, register fingerprints of the hand used most often to perform tasks on the device.
• The touchscreen may malfunction in humid conditions or when exposed to water. 

• To remove fingerprints or dusts, wipe the window glass smoothly with a clean and soft cloth.

• Fingerprint recognition is blocked when the device is under water.


Remove protective cases

• If a phone case covers or touches the fingerprint sensor, or prevents your finger from touching it, it can interfere with the sensor's operation.


Moisturize your hands

• The sensor may not work if your fingers are too dry or chapped. It may be helpful to moisturize your hands with hand lotion.


Remove protective cases

• If a phone case covers or touches the fingerprint sensor, or prevents your finger from touching it, it can interfere with the sensor's operation.

Samsung recommends to use the device with Samsung-Approved cover accessories for protection of product appearance and user convenience. 

Check for Software update

Once you receive an update notification for  a Software Update, install the update. If an update is available, follow the on-screen prompts to install and complete the software update.


Keep in mind that updating the software can take up to 20 minutes to complete and some carriers may require a Wi-Fi connection for updates.

Remove your fingerprint

If your fingerprint still isn't being recognised, you can try removing and then registering your fingerprint again.

Navigate to Settings, tap Biometrics and security, and then tap Fingerprints. Select one of the stored fingerprints you’d like to delete. Tap Remove, and then tap Remove again to confirm. Repeat these steps to delete any other saved fingerprints.


While you are still in the Fingerprints settings, tap Add fingerprint. Follow the on-screen instructions to register a new fingerprint.

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