Picture Quality

beyond all

2020 Samsung QLED TV with big screen is displaying a photo which is shown immersive picture quality in the living room using Quantum Processor.

What is QLED TV?

QLED TVs use Quantum Dots, innovative semiconductor material that emit light according to the size of nanoparticles. Quantum Dots are unique in their sustained ability to perform without losing quality. QLED TVs have high-brightness efficiency and boast the best color expression of any TV today.


The intelligence
behind QLED's brilliance

Quantum Processor 8K

A TV processor is the key factor in determining all-around picture performance.
QLED's powerfully intelligent Quantum Processor 8K builds a deep knowledge database through
millions of learned patterns, which it then uses to create the most truly immersive viewing experiences ever.

8K picture
from any
8K AI Upscaling

8K AI upscaling analyzes each scene of
your content from color and texture
data to lighting and contrast details.
If your content's source quality is not
8K, AI upscaling optimizes picture
quality, bringing it to 8K levels.
Now, you can watch today's content
with the resolution quality of tomorrow.

* Viewing experience may vary according to
types of content and format. '8K AI Upscaling'
may not apply to PC connection and Game Mode.
Samsung QLED TV with 8K AI Upscaling technology is showing the image of waves which optimized better picture quality.
From a partial close-up view of a QLED TV, low resolution footage of a crashing ocean wave in slow motion is played on the QLED TV screen. Superimposed on the low-resolution footage, an animated graphic shows a sequence of related ocean imagery being analyzed for additional picture data. The animated graphic disappear and the original ocean wave footage resolution is scaled up to 8K resolution, completing QLED TV's 8K AI upscaling process.
Optimized picture
in any lighting
Adaptive Picture

A built-in light sensor detects nearby brightness
levels and automatically adjusts TV settings to
maintain optimum brightness and contrast
settings regardless of how the light changes
around you. Just sit back, relax and let QLED
do its work.

Samsung QLED 2020 is showing adaptive picture which optimized for a bright living room.
A QLED TV sits at a semi-side angle view in a simulated living room environment. In the simulated image, the living room lights are turned on and on the screen of the QLED TV is an image of a flamingo. As the lighting of the simulated living room is dimmed down, a simulation of QLED TV's light sensor's capability shows the brightness and contrast of the on-screen color illustration being optimized automatically.
A billion shades of accurate color
Color Volume 100% with Quantum Dot

QLED TV's richer brightness representation combined with the nano-size of its quantum dot particles completes its 100% Color Volume technology. With 100% Color Volume, each and every expression of color becomes visible in everything you watch.

* 100% color volume measured to DCI-P3 standard, certified by VDE.
* QLED has received verification from world-class testing and certification association, VerbandDeutscherElektrotechniker(VDE), for its ability to produce 100 percent color volume.
new Samsung QLED TV's Color volume 100% with Quantum dot technology is showing more colorful and clear image of a autumn forest and also with full colored spectrum icon, compared to color volume 85% spectrum at conventional TV.
The unseen details in high dynamic range
Quantum HDR 32x

Details are not always visible in areas
that are too bright or too dark. By analyzing
the quality data that exists within High
Dynamic Range (HDR) content, Quantum
HDR 32x is able to make those details
visible at any brightness.

* The range of Quantum HDR claims luminance
based on internal testing standards and is subject
to change according to viewing environment or
specific conditions.
2020 Samsung QLED TV with Quantum HDR for clearer picture enhancement is displaying a photo of a canyon. High dynamic range technology is showing more detail of image even in the bright and dark parts of scene. There is a SDR image so that it can be distinguished how different with Quantum HDR+ image.
Stunning blacks
with precise
Direct Full Array 32x

QLED TV's backlight is repeatedly switched off
and on depending on the amount of dark and
light that exists in a specific part of the picture.
Through this process, QLED delivers deeper
blacks and thus, the optimum color contrast
in each scene.

* Direct Full Array Numerical Index based on backlighting,
anti-reflection and contrast enhancement technologies.
Samsung QLED is showing clearer shiny jellyfish in the deep dark sea using backlight control and direct full array 32x technology which allows QLED to show deeper black colors.
The jellyfish plays on a side-view angle of QLED TV. The TV has been divided in two so that the TV's main screen and its backlight panel appear layered for comparison purposes. Synced with the jellyfish footage playing on the main screen, the backlight panel simulates the backlight accuracy of Direct Full Array technology, as only the areas of the backlight panel which are necessary to create the jellyfish are turned on, while the unused backlight panel areas are turned off.

Perfect picture wherever you sit

Ultra Viewing Angle

Ultra Viewing Angle lets you enjoy TV with brilliant color and crisp detail from any seat in the room.
QLED has two special layers that minimize leakage by focusing light in the right direction and
spreading it uniformly across the TV panel.

A 2020 QLED TV is providing an ultra viewing angle, giving enjoyment through amazing picture quality of lake scenery from all angles.

It's time to level up your gaming performance and win more games

Real Game Enhancer+ * ‘Real Game Enhancer+’ is available on select game consoles.
Dynamic Black Equalizer

Dynamic Black Equalizer gives dark areas more
visibility with scene-by-scene analysis used to
optimize picture quality. Find hidden details and
win the games.

* The content within the screen are simulated images
and are for demonstration purposes only.
Samsung QLED TV with Dynamic Black Equalizer is providing a optimized picture quality for game by showing the hidden image from dark.
To illustrate QLED TV's Dynamic Black Equalizer feature, a simulated FPS in-game sequence is shown. The sequence shows a user walking through a darkly lit forest while attempting to eliminate the necessary targets . Dynamic Black Equalizer is not enabled and so the dark area details are not easily distinguishable. The sequence continues with Dynamic Black Equalizer enabled. Now, the quality of dark areas has been enhanced and made more visible, and the targets easier to see.
Low input-lag and FreeSync(VRR)

TVs without gaming features often come with input lag, the delay between when a command is
given and when it can be observed on screen. Samsung TVs are equipped with FreeSync(VRR*),
which reduces lag time for smooth game play. Enjoy the game without broken graphics or jumpy motion.

* FreeSynctechnology reduces input lag, with less tearing and stuttering.
* VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) lets a gaming source optimal video frame by each scene.
Two TV screens are comparing input lag on shooting game. 2020 QLED TV is showing less delay which is called low input lag. Low input lag TV is offering the clear picture quality when moving in game, compared to high input lag TV.
To illustrate QLED TV's Low Input-lag and Freesyncfeature, two identical FPS in-game sequences are shown side-by-side. The sequence shows a user walking through a darkly lit forest while attempting to eliminate the necessary targets. On the left shows the user missing their target due to the delayed response time caused by high-input lag. On the right shows the user hitting their target due to a more precise response time created by Low-input lag and Freesynctechnology.