Galaxy Note4: Using Multi Window and Pop up Window

Last Update date : Nov 24. 2020


You can use multi window and popup window to perform multiple

tasks on the same screen and can change full screen view or Multi

window view to pop-up view(Or, versa is available)


pop up multiwindow 



-You can open applications in Multi window using the recent key
 or from Multi window tray.

At first,  by using the recent key.



1. Tap the recent key to view a list of recently used applications.

It allow you to quickly change between the applications you used most



recent key 



2. Tap the Multi window icon on the title bar of the application window.

This icon is shown when the application supports Multi window view


multi window icon 


3. Select an application to open alongside your currently active application.

Now, Multi window to perform multiple tasks on the same screen is started.


select app 



4. Press and hold the back key to show Multi window tray on any screen.


press and hold the back key 



5. To use applications in Multi window view, drag and drop an application from

the tray to the main window. Then drag another application and drop it on either

the top or bottom half of the screen to use both applications at the same time. 

Please note that some applications supports only the pop-up view. Additionally,

if you tap an application in the tray, you can open as a pop-up.


 using the multi window 


6. On Multi view mode, Tap the handle on the border between two windows to

 view more options.


tap the handle 


7. Use the different icons for enhanced usage.


icons   icon desription 



8-1. Tap the top left or right corner  of the screen and drag diagonally towards the

centre to change to pop-up view.


tap top left or right corner  


8-2.Some application doesn’t support the pop-up view. On pop-up mode, Tap the

handle on the center of top to view more options.


tap the handle 



9. You can move content and Collapse window like this. And, if tap the Expand icon,

the application return to full view mode. To close pop-up application,

Tap the close icon.

collapse window 



10.  Alternatively, to open applications as pop-ups using the recent key,

Press the recent key to view a list of recently used applications.


 tap recent key 


11. Tap and hold the application you want to open as a pop-up. When the previous

screen is shown, release to open the pop-up. Currently, application runs as pop-up


tap and hold the app 


12. Tap the application you want to change as a pop-up. The blue outline will display.

Tap and Hold the center handle


tap app 


13. Application changes as pop-up.

By tapping and holding the center handle, you can set the location of pop-up.


 pop up 


14. To return to multi window view again,  tap and hold the center handle and move

pop-up to top or bottom of screen.


return to multiwindow 

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