VC20M2510WB Canister Bag, 2,000W


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Powerful Yet Light

More suction power

Removes Large Dust

EZ Clean Cyclone

2.5 ℓ

Dust Capacity

2,000 / 450

Power W (Consumption / Suction)

Powerful Yet Light

More suction power*

Would you like the power of a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner, but without the struggle of moving it? The lightweight design of the Samsung VC2500 bagged canister makes it easy to maneuver. And its powerful suction also ensures deep and intensive cleaning on carpets, rugs and hard floors.

Powerful Yet Light

*Compared to SC54** series of Samsung conventional bag type. Based on internal testing.

  • * Compared to Samsung bag type without EZClean Cyclone. Based on internal testing.

Hold it Comfortably

Easy Grip Handle*

An ergonomic, non-slip Easy Grip Handle gives a firmer and more comfortable grip. You can easily control its movement without your hands becoming tired or dropping it. And it rotates, so the hose won’t get tangled.

Hold it Comfortably

* Available on VC20M251A**, VC20M253A**, VC20M255A**, VC20M257A**, VC15M251A**, and VC15M255A** series.

Quickly Find & Store

2-in-1 Accessory

An Easy-access 2-in-1 Accessory is placed under the handle, so it's always easily accessible when you want to clean furniture or tiny, hard to reach places .

Quickly Find & Store

Breath Easy

Allergen Filtration

Breathe more pure air with Advanced Allergen Filtration that’s proven to minimize the amount of fine dust and allergens escaping back into your home.

Breath Easy

Don't Miss Dust Bags

Safety Hatch

What could be worse that doing the cleaning without the dust bag? The Safety Hatch ensures you never have to worry about forgetting the dust bag, as it can’t be closed without one being inserted inside. When it’s empty, the dust bag holder simply prevents the cover from being shut.

Don't Miss Dust Bags

No Hose Tangling

360º Hose

The 360° Hose can rotate at the base in a full circle, which enables it to move freely in any direction without getting twisted or tangled up. So you can move and change direction comfortable and efficiently.

No Hose Tangling

Less Damage to Floor

Large Rubber Wheels

Large Rubber Wheels help it move smoothly and steadily around your home without scratching the floor.

Less Damage to Floor
  • 2.5 ℓ Dust Capacity
  • 2,000 / 450 Power W (Consumption / Suction)
  • 4.3 Kg Set Weight

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