What to do when the load for Samsung Front Loader is Unbalanced?

Last Update date : Nov 19. 2020

An unbalanced load is when your Washing Machine cannot spread out the clothing properly. The drum will tilt during the spin cycle and the Washing Machine will attempt to redistribute the load automatically by self correcting.

The spin may stop completely and you will see a "Ub" error code.

UB Error Code

Add a few towels to balance the load. Avoid this in the future by never washing too small a load as the load cannot spread out. Again, just add a few towels to balance it.

Put extra clothes to balance the load

When washing large items like comforters or pillows always use the Bedding cycle which has a slower spin and try to wash each item individually and do not put them in the drum folded or rolled. Again, add a few towels to the load for balance!

Choose Bedding option
Do not fold the clothing

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