Samsung Global Goals

One app's meaningful impact

The Samsung Global Goals app empowers everyone to contribute to building a brighter future. Learn about each of the 17 goals and how they impact communities around the world. Every in-app advertisement you see raises funds that can be put toward a goal of your choice. Together, we can make a healthier, more sustainable world.

Three children are using teamwork to plant a young tree together. The Samsung Global Goals app allows everyone to participate in creating a brighter future.

Follow Global Goals stats and progress

Support a special cause

Whether it is clean water, accessible education, or a peaceful society, we want you to champion a cause you believe in.
Each time you send funds, select which goal you want that donation to be directed towards. Your contribution will go on to put that goal into action. Afterwards, the app will continue to keep you updated on the projects that benefited from your help.

Samsung Global Goals interface magnifying a simulated sample in-app advertisement.

View ads & earn

The Samsung Global Goals app puts its advertising revenue in your hands. Every in-app ad you view earns money to be donated.

Samsung Global Goals interface magnifying the dashboard tool and donate button in the center. The dashboard shows one’s current balance and donation history summary.

Save up revenue

Explore the app and its features to earn donation money for the Global Goals. The dashboard shows you how much you have collected.

Samsung Global Goals interface magnifying a sample bar graph representing the share of donations each individual goal has received.

Donate to a goal

Each time you donate, you get to choose where it goes.
Pick a different goal every time, or keep supporting a favourite.

Earn with ads,
or give directly

The Samsung Global Goals app is free. By simply looking at in-app advertisements, you can raise funds that can be donated to any goal of your choice. But you don't have to wait for money to accrue. Jump-start a goal's progress at any time with direct payments.

A pair of hands holds a Galaxy smartphone that shows Samsung Global Goals app. One hand’s index finger is touching a card promoting direct donations to the goals. In addition to raising ad revenue as a donation, users can send their own donations directly to the goals.

Energize your lock screen

Make your phone's display a billboard for change.
Turn on the lock screen feature and the Global Goals app will display a new engaging message from history's most influential leaders each time you reach for your phone.

A woman smiles as she shows a man the screen of her Galaxy smartphone displaying a simulated Samsung Global Goals lock screen interface. This sample lock screen is deep green with a hand-lettered, inspirational message. Lock screens help raise awareness about the UN’s Global Goals.

Get involved in a global movement

Download the app to start supporting a cause today.

* Device and screen images simulated for illustrative purposes.
* Service availability may vary by country/service provider/language/device model/OS version.
* User interface and in-app advertisements may change and differ by device.