What to do when Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection is unstable on my Galaxy Z Flip?

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

Unlike ordinary smartphones, your Galaxy Z Flip is specially designed to fold downward. Based on this new feature of the Samsung foldable device, you can hold the entire folded device which can affect radio waves such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other networks. 

Check the following situations first

Do not attach metallic stickers on the antenna area (side with cover screen) of the device.
Do not attach a device cover made with metallic material to the device.
It is recommended that the user uses the device with the product cover supplied to avoid direct hand contact with the antenna. 

Check connectivity and network settings

Step 1. Launch the Settings app.

Step 2. Tap Connections

Step 3. Turn on the Bluetooth switch to re-activate.

Screenshot showing how to re-activate Bluetooth

Should you still have connectivity problems, please try the following to reset the network settings on your device. 

Step 1. Launch the Settings app.

Step 2. Tap General management menu.

Step 3. Tap Reset menu.

Step 4. Tap Reset network settings menu.

Step 5. Tap Reset settings button. 

Screenshot showing how to reset device network settings.

Note: When you reset the device’s network settings, you may lose registered information. 

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