How connect the Samsung Smart Remote to your TV

Last Update date : 2024-01-11

Your Samsung Smart Remote is made to automatically connect to your Samsung TV or projector to simplify setup. You may sync the remote with another Samsung Smart TV or projector at any time, but it will only operate with one device at a time. You will need to manually pair it every time if you plan to use it with several other goods.

Remote and TV

Connect the Samsung Smart Remote

Point the Smart Remote towards the TV's remote control sensor. The remote control sensor is often found on the lower right side of Samsung televisions. If not, it is at the bottom center, exact.

Then, for a minimum of three seconds, press and hold the Play/Pause and Return buttons simultaneously. The Smart Remote and your TV will now start synchronizing. The remote will now be linked to your TV, according to a notification that will then show up.


  • Images, buttons, and functions of the Samsung Smart Remote may differ by model.
  • If you are still having problems connecting your remote, or if the remote is not working  the way it should, we can help with that too.
  • If you have lost it, there are multiple ways you can replace your remote. If your remote does not have the same buttons, you can check the user manual for steps specific to your model.

* This feature is only available on specific models. Please refer to your user manual for more information

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