High quality of Indoor air

Feel totally refreshed by breathing pure air anywhere and anytime.

Breathe fresh air from outdoors, enjoy the ideal temperature indoors.

The Samsung ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) system provides fresh air from outside while minimizing energy loss for maximum efficiency. Its advanced Diamond type Heat Exchanger provides a high-efficiency heat recovery performance

Built-in Direct Expansion (DX) coil

It features a Direct Expansion Coil that efficiently maintains the required temperature while also ventilating the room, even in extreme climates. The hot or cold air that is drawn in through the indoor unit is heated or cooled as it passes through the Direct Expansion Coil using heat recovered from the indoor air that is being exhausted.

Conserve energy and costs with practical, high-powered operation.

The Samsung OAP (Outdoor Air Processing) Duct is a high-powered fresh air treatment unit with integrated ventilation. It combines fresh air processing and air conditioning in a single system, so it is extremely
efficient. Air conditioning indoor units and an Outdoor Air Processing unit can be connected to the same refrigerant line, resulting in enhanced design flexibility and a significant reduction in total system costs.

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