All you need for your business

The comprehensive package of mobile technology and services, business-ready out of the box. More choice. More control. More protection. Welcome to Enterprise Edition.

Consistent and timely security support

Designed to keep your business protected from mobile security threats. With Galaxy Enterprise Edition, you get four years of guaranteed security patch updates. So you can rest assured that your mobile devices are up to date with timely Android and Samsung security and maintenance patches.

* For more information on security maintenance release scheudle visist:

* For more information on security maintenance release scheudle visist:

2-year product lifecycle assurance

Device consistency makes mobile fleets easier to manage, so Galaxy Enterprise Edition devices are available to purchase for two years post-launch.

Consolidated Knox Solutions

Secure, deploy, and manage with Knox Suite. Included in Enterprise Edition, the package of consolidated Knox solutions allows IT admins to cover all steps in enterprise mobility. Knox Suite ensures your fleet of Enterprise Edition devices are ready for work right out of the box, automatically enrolled and managed, and secured with high quality Knox security platform.

Galaxy Enterprise Edition Devices

A choice of incredible Samsung mobile devices, with options to suit every business and budget.

* Please note all information on this page is relevant for 2023 Galaxy Enterprise Edition devices.