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Cisco’s expertise in collaboration and Samsung’s display technology simplifies the transition to the meeting room of the future. With options for small or large meeting rooms, Samsung with Cisco allows seamless connection and dynamic interactions tailored to the needs of your business.

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Solutions perfectly suited for your meeting room

Webex on Display unites Samsung’s powerful display technology and Cisco’s advanced meeting solution to enable more accessible meetings and more intelligent collaboration.

Prioritise meeting simplicity

When connected, the Samsung Smart Signage and the Cisco Webex Room Kits are compatible with each other seamlessly through the use of the Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) technology. This technology simplifies the operation of displays by automatically configuring settings.

Optimal viewing experience for meetings

The Samsung and Cisco solutions deliver superior color settings that are auto configured for optimal resolution. This offering supports 4K visuals for a high-quality viewing experience and the under and over- scan handling automatically adjusts the screen to ensure a perfect fit.

Intelligent video conferencing

Lag time between video and audio is a common issue in video conferencing. The Samsung and Cisco solutions help to create a smooth video conference experience by automatically entering the optimised mode to minimise lag in video playback, eliminate echo and solve lip syncing issues.

Smart operation of displays

The solutions facilitate smart operations by using a mutual connection. The Samsung display information is synced with the Cisco codec, allowing users to manage the displays efficiently. Additionally, the Cisco Cameras can recognise attendees entering the room and wake the display automatically.

Customisable to all meeting environments

Samsung’s advanced visual displays work in harmony with Cisco’s audio and video technologies to provide businesses with customisable options. The technologies mold to the specifications of any meeting room, including the lighting environment and the number of participants involved.

Solutions for smarter collaboration

Webex on Flip unites Samsung’s innovative interactive digital flipchart technology and Cisco’s advanced meeting solution to enable more accessible meetings and creative collaboration.

Perfect video conferencing solution

Cisco’s Webex Room Kit Mini provides important video and audio-conferencing features for intelligent meeting experience. AI-powered capabilities provides a more convenient way of communicating by automatically positioning the face of meeting participants in the center of the screen, while background noise suppression ensures a smooth video conference experience with no delay.

Multi-way collaboration

Webex on Flip enables real-time, 2-way white boarding, allowing meeting participants in different locations to share the same screen and make edits. Users can utilise the annotation tool, delete or add content, all at the same time creating more efficient and collaborative meetings.

Wireless presentation

Webex on Flip allows users to utilise their own laptop or mobile with a wireless connection to easily share content with others. This ensures intuitive and convenient operation without the need for any additional hardware or technical difficulties.

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