Changes in the education environment

Educators face the monumental task of adapting their classrooms to meet the needs of digital and hybrid learning environments, combining in-person teaching with online learning. This rapid change has increased the need for technology to create the optimal learning environment for students of all ages.

Global monitoring of school closures caused by pandemic


New trend: Hybrid learning

Hybrid learning teaches students through a mix of in-person and online activities. Students interact with one another alongside multimedia and resources shared by teachers. The mixed-media approach to learning combined with flexibility of school schedules opens a new frontier for education.

Hybrid learning's benefit

Mixed learning environments combine the most beneficial features of face-to-face and online learning.

ㆍActive participation - Students can participate in live, face-to-face classroom learning and teachers can provide immediate feedback.
ㆍGreater flexibilty - With flexible tools class time can be more productive and schools can save on costs by operating more efficiently.

Powering smarter learning with Samsung and Cisco

Samsung displays ranging in size from 55– to 85 inches, are secured by Knox and paired with Cisco’s intelligent video conferencing platform, featuring auto-framing and speaker setting, all creating a seamless video experience for students and teachers.

Transform your classroom with the right solution

Every school and each classroom is unique. It’s important to choose the right technology solution for your setup. Samsung and Cisco’s solutions are customisable and able to fit a wide variety of classroom arrangements and sizes.

Larger classrooms may find Samsung’s bigger Flip variants, in the front of the classroom, to be more effective. Enable teachers to be remote, or allow guest instructors to participate while maintaining distance. Ensure the entire class is visible with advanced cameras for wider viewing angles by installing Samsung’s Smart Display with Cisco’s Room Kit Pro in the back of the room.

Samsung SMART Display

Cisco Webex Room Kit

Midsize classrooms can utilise the interactive Flip display in the front of the classroom, while another display with Cisco’s Room Kit can be added to the back of the room. This ensures that remote students are seen as easily as those in-person.

Samsung SMART Display

Cisco Webex Room Kit

Samsung’s Flip paired with Cisco’s Room Kit Mini is ideal for smaller classrooms. The interactive display paired with Cisco’s streamlined collaboration software ensure easy collaboration for all participants.

Samsung SMART Display

Cisco Webex Room Kit

Seize the opportunity to improve classroom learning

Improve learning with integrated hybrid learning solutions, built for online and face-to-face learning environments, from Samsung and Cisco. This new model benefits teachers and students by providing additional resources for instruction and a more cohesive learning experience. Enjoy flexibility, simplicity, and safety while removing the barriers to receiving a high-quality education from anywhere.

Discover how the Oak Meadow school enabled effective hybrid classrooms

In early 2020, Oak Meadow School was in the same position as many educational institutions - attempting to maintain meaningful learning while students were isolated at home. School leadership quickly identified and implemented a solution that followed new health and safety requirements.


Samsung & Cisco hybrid classroom solution

Samsung and Cisco’s solution featured Samsung’s QBR display and Cisco’s Room Kit Mini, implementing a hybrid learning environment for multiple classrooms. Teachers connected with students from home while continuing to use in-room tools, like whiteboards. The crystal-clear displays allowed teachers to communicate with students face-to-face in real time.


High-functioning hybrid learning Environment

Samsung and Cisco’s powerful tools provided the features, flexibility and usability to create successful hybrid classrooms during the global pandemic. Teachers easily adapted to the new technology to provide interactive educational content which improved student engagement and achievement.


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