Humans and machines in sync

Predict asset maintenance. Provide real-time inventory. Boost productivity. From anywhere. Any time. Do it all with Samsung’s powerful manufacturing solutions.

Efficient operations

From the office to the factory floor, DeX is your go-to solution. With one simple cable you can turn your Galaxy device into a PC-like experience. Connect to workstations. Check inventory. Even dive into detailed plans and schematics. And to ease the transition away from paper, Galaxy Note S Pen makes digital note taking natural.

Disruption free

Configure your device and app settings to your specific business needs. Make updates across your whole mobile fleet. Do it all with Knox solutions. And do it all remotely for a disruption-free experience. More control. Less downtime.

Higher safety standards

Keep teams connected on crowded factory floors and busy sites with Push-to-Talk devices.

Smart factories

Samsung innovations designed to harness 5G are the key to smarter factories. Imagine real-time visibility of all your operations, using existing asset data like CCTV or Thermal Imagining. Or eliminating paper-based systems by using the efficient, near-perfect-accuracy S Pen.

Pepisco case study

Boosting sales
with help from

Read how Samsung devices and Knox solutions enhanced the mobile experience of Pepisco’s critical sales app, causing figures to soar.

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