Gigantic Capacity

One system that does the work of two or more
As well as being the largest and most compact DVM system, the Samsung DVM S is also powerful and highly energy efficient. So you can save costs and space, while providing more reliable coverage across larger areas.

More flexible installation in more places

High Elevation with Long Piping
Enjoy more choice when selecting the optimum installation location. The DVM S outdoor unit’s long piping length provides the flexibility for the outdoor unit to be installed almost anywhere, regardless of its height or distance from the building. It has a maximum piping length of up to 220 meters (721 feet) between the outdoor and indoor units. It can also work efficiently and reliably at an elevation of up to 110 meters (360 feet), which is the equivalent of 22 stories.


Saves energy, as well as space and costs
The Samsung DVM S includes a range of smart technologies that combine to deliver world-class energy efficiency and economy, achieving a much better Energy Efficiency Rating (EERa).

Heating Performance

Reliably & intelligently keeps heating
Enhanced Flash Injection delivers reliable heating at lower temperatures, while Rotational Defrost
operation and Intelligent Defrost technology ensure continuous heating with less defrosting.

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