LED is the latest in big screen display technology. It delivers brilliant picture quality in a flexible format that is simple to install and maintain.
Samsung Smart LED displays will connect your business with your customers like never before. Impress your audience with vibrant, captivating visuals, regardless of surrounding environmental or lighting conditions. Join the Future of Display.

At Samsung, we understand that finding the right LED display for you can be complex.

Samsung is making it easy with a new range of LED Display Bundle Kits - fully equipped with all the components you need for installation and setup in one package.

What we offer: Samsung provides an all-in-one LED solution through a wide range of pre-designed bundle kits.

Why Samsung: Samsung’s LED display solutions include all the components required for installation and setup.

Your solution: Choose from a selection of single and dual sizes, with resolutions from FHD, 2K and 4K.

Bundle Kit Solution Offerings

Introduction to LED Bundle Kits

Introduction to Samsung’s LED Displays.
Easy steps to follow in choosing the best bundle kit for you.

LED Bundle Kit Guide

Ultimate bundle kit solution.
Features and benefits.
Display sizes, fixed resolution, and all the components included.

Usability Inspiration

For Business

And more…

For Consumers

Home theatre
Lounge area
For entertainment
For art/displays
And more…

Step-By-Step Process

Step 1: Display Size

Step 2: Pixel pitch

Step 3: Resolution & aspect ratio

Step 4: Features for consideration

Step 5: Your LED Solution

1. Bonus gift redeemable varies based on LED Bundle Kit purchased from eligible distributor and sold. See ful T&Cs.