QM75F 75IN UHD Commercial LED

Color black

Next generation picture quality for your business

UHD can provide stunning pictures, for impactful messaging, ultra-realistic detail, more information per screen, and outstanding clarity. Combined with portrait mode and long operational hours, UHD can be the ultimate commercial display.

Bring the next generation of UHD picture quality to your commercial environment

All round excellence

Designed for outstanding images in commercial environments, UHD displays impress with hyper-realistic visual experiences. Continuous 24/7 operation, high durability and anti-glare panels are standard, and the slim bezel design helps drive clear, seamless viewing.

2016 New UHD Display QMF  which designed for a commercial environment

Great visual impact

With exceptional resolution, ultra-crisp text, and lifelike photos and videos, a single QMF Series display can create a seamless view of the content.

Great visual impact

Multiscreen with UHD for great impact

With support for up to four input devices, the QMF Series can display the equivalent of four FHD content screens on a single UHD screen. Use various split-screen and PIP options to create dynamic display scenarios, without third-party components.

Display four times the FHD content on a single multiscreen for greater visual impact

Choose orientation with pivot mode

With a pivot mode to support portrait and landscape orientations, the QMF Series can deliver dynamic digital signage in almost any installation setting.

Choose the optimal display orientation with pivot mode

Streamlined display area with SBB for UHD

The optional SBB attaches neatly to the back of the display to enable UHD streaming without the need to create a separate housing. With DP 1.2 connectivity supporting a 60Hz refresh rate, the QMF Series can provide seamless video playback and a true UHD experience.

Streamlined display area with SBB for UHD

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