The Wall

See the Greatness

Samsung The Wall mounted on a large concrete wall with a grand view of a cliff at sunset.

Amazing Innovation

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Best of Show – InfoComm 2018

AV Technology

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Display of the Year 2019

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Best of ISE 2019

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The Next Generation is Now

Pioneering a new generation of display technology, The Wall delivers a truly exclusive experience. Incredible visuals and designed to refine, the customised build gives any space an awe-inspiring edge. Inspired by emotion. Powered by greatness.

Alternating shot of The Wall in a corporate lobby and luxury residence setting with both screens showing the same grand view of a cliff at sunset.

The Total View

Prepare to get your breath taken by a remarkable viewing experience. A harmony of deep blacks, pure colors and immaculate detail draws you into a new level of reality.

A blurry image being first refined in several areas then the whole image to show the effect of deep black, pure color, HDR and AI upscaling technology

The Total UX

Going beyond the conventional display, two distinct display modes allow The Wall to become a digital canvas to immerse yourself in entertainment and exhibit your personal style.

*Only available on the IWR Series.

My W Edition

Preset and customizable wall frame templates.

A simple, sunny living room environment with The Wall display alternating between 3 different styles of My W Edition wall frame templates - wooden, golden and modern frame templates

Décor & Nature

Refined, moving interior decorative motifs

A modern living room environment with The Wall display alternating between a rotating gold tile décor, neon light décor and falling flower petals.

Art & Media Art

Photographs, paintings and digital art

The Wall in a bright open space showing several artwork including a painting, photograph and media art.

Background Theme

Samsung original wall backgrounds

The Wall display changing its background according to the pattern of actual wall of the living room.

The Total Design

Exuding both prominence and subtlety, The Wall’s sophisticated design blends into any space.

Infinity and Beyond

Refined to the Edge

Experience infinity in a seamless design that blends into any environment without disrupting your desired vision within and beyond the screen.

A subtle and sleek décor frame allows The Wall to look refined from different angles.

A bezel-less, seamless The Wall display mounted right up against a simple beige wall to show the slimness of the screen.

The Total Ecosystem

Indulge in the all-around greatness of The Wall with the capability to create an integrated ecosystem for both a business and residential environment.

Greatness in Any Space

Sophisticated both inside and out, The Wall is a visual complement for any environment.

Ready to Discover the Next Generation?

The Wall up against a brick patterned wall in a simple living room setting and displaying a waterfall.