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Conoce las mejores fotos #WithGalaxy

Happy #internationalfriendshipday — the best views are the ones shared with friends. Capture moments with your friends #withGalaxy and share it with the world.<br><br>📷: @josh.perrett @kickiyangz @tah_surferday #GalaxyS20
The world we have isn’t just the most beautiful one, it’s also our only one. Happy #worldconservationday<br><br>Remind the world of its beauty, share your view #withGalaxy<br>📷: @discovery @mblockk
See your neighborhood in a different way.<br><br>Spot some changes in your city? Capture them #withGalaxy and share it with the world.<br>📷: @rlamasc #GalaxyS20Plus
The nights are worth appreciating. Find and share beauty in our changing world #withGalaxy.<br><br>📷: @kickiyangz #GalaxyS20
Have you changed the way you look at things, or have the things around you changed? <br><br>Head out with a pair of fresh eyes and see the world differently. Capture this same, new world and tag #withGalaxy for a chance to be featured.
Happiness is a handful of sunshine everyday. Capture everyday beauty #withGalaxy.<br> <br> 📷: @svennik_025 #GalaxyA10s
Treasures are found on dirt paths. Record your journeys #withGalaxy.<br><br>📷: @ranveer.a #GalaxyS9
A city is just a place with a story. Find your angle #withGalaxy.<br><br>📷: @juggernaut1 #GalaxyS20Ultra
Beauty isn’t only outside our doorstep. Sometimes, it’s outside our balconies.<br><br>Capture it #withGalaxy and tag us for a chance to be featured. <br><br>📷: @pamukak #GalaxyS20Ultra
A perfect day for blue sky thinking. Capture fleeting moments #withGalaxy and share your favorites with us in the comments. <br><br>📷: @manwithnikon_ #GalaxyS9plus
Look up and perhaps you’ll find something that makes you smile. Find a new angle #withGalaxy.<br><br> 📷: @chaanviid #GalaxyNote10plus
Step out to take in changing hues from open fields. Capture colors in your everyday #withGalaxy.<br><br>Who else has newfound appreciation for the outdoors? 📷: @sundancer17 #GalaxyS10
What will you find on your journey? Document it #withGalaxy. 📷: @egonslacis #GalaxyS10e
Look forward to tomorrow #withGalaxy. 📷: @berkhh2010 #GalaxyS10<br><br>Tell us. What have you been looking forward to?
Big dreams start small #withGalaxy. 📷: @aldriwidisetyantoko #GalaxyNote9
Tune out the world, tune in to you #withGalaxy. 📷: @ictuscordis #GalaxyA70<br><br>What’s been keeping you happy at home?
Get your game on #withGalaxy. 📷: @ashish_dungarwal #GalaxyS20
Thank you for putting mom in the picture #withGalaxy this #MothersDay. Swipe for some of our favourites from @visualsofsrijan @anitadaher @nvauganda @jergusmuziek & @deandjkim. Keep them coming — Moms deserve to be in the spotlight every day.
Happy Mother’s Day, moms! Today is the day to put the focus on the person who has focused on you all your life. @tylerjoe @hannahsider @khalildaterra and @illumitati already put their moms in the picture this #MothersDay. Now it’s your turn. Tag your mom pictures #withGalaxy for a chance to be featured.
Now that’s @ChocolateMommyLuv magic! This #MothersDay, join @yarashahidi and put mom in the picture. Tag #withGalaxy for a chance to be featured on @withGalaxy 📷 taken with the #GalaxyS20 Ultra 5G
Mom has always been behind the camera snapping photos of you growing up. This #MothersDay, let’s put mom in front of the camera for once. Even if you have to be apart, like @andres55. Tag your mom pictures #withGalaxy for a chance to be featured.
Let the light shine on your mom this #MothersDay. @tinycactus definitely did. Now it’s your turn: Put mom in the picture and tag #withGalaxy for a chance to be featured.
Mom has taken pictures of you all your life. This #MothersDay, it’s time to put her in front of the camera. This is how @bryant chose to do it. Now it’s your turn. Put mom in the picture and tag #withGalaxy for a chance to be featured.
Mornings were made for this. 📷: @mylittle.happiness #GalaxyA50<br><br>Share with us in an IG post, how cooking or eating together has brought you closer. Capture it, caption it and tag #StayApartStayTogether #withGalaxy for a chance to be featured.
When your weekend is all booked. 📷: @probablycee #GalaxyS10<br><br>What have you been doing at home to take your mind to a better place? Snap a picture and share your story with us as an IG post. Don’t forget to tag #StayApartStayTogether #withGalaxy for a chance to be featured.