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Capacity Meets Speed

Get More Capacity and Speed

Samsung has broken the barrier of speed and capacity in microSD by rolling out its highest-capacity microSD EVO. No longer worry about running out of memory on your mobile device. You can capture and store more memories with this amazing microSD card, equipped with our V-NAND technology.

Capacity Meets Speed - microSDXC EVO Plus 512GB With Photo Storage Display

Capture Life Vividly

Capture Life in 4K UHD

Memorable moments are often fleeting. Store them forever in breathtaking 4K Ultra HD with the Samsung microSD 256GB card. Take rich 4K UHD videos with your smartphone, tablet or camera and relive them as vividly as the day they happened on your 4K UHD TV or monitor.

Capture Life Vividly - microSDXC EVO Plus 512GB with Galaxy Tab White

Store More on Your Mobile

Expand Smartphone Memory in a Snap

The last thing you want to happen when you're ready to capture that priceless moment with your smartphone is run out of memory. Samsung's got you covered with its microSD memory expansion cards. Simply slide the card into the expansion slot of your Android™ smartphone and add 256 GB of capacity.

Samsung Galaxy S7 with microSDXC EVO Plus 512GB storage

Constant Recording Confidence

Take the worry out of always-on recording. The Samsung PRO Endurance captures the crucial moments, delivering the industry's longest lasting performance for high-resolution video monitoring, even in harsh conditions.

Samsung Galaxy with microSD Pro Endurance