How do I use the dryer on my Ecobubble washer dryer?

Dryer cycles and options on the EcoBubble washer dryer

The EcoBubble washer dryers have two dry-only cycles, and a Drying Level selector that allows you to specify how long you wish to dry for and the level of dryness you need for a particular cycle.


The Drying Level selector is not available for the Eco Drum Clean, AIR Refresh, Outdoor Care, and Wool Course cycles.

Dry Cycles

How do I use the dryer on my Ecobubble washer dryer?

Cotton Dry:  general drying

Synthetic Dry:  low temperature drying cycle for heat sensitive garments


Using the Cotton or Synthetic Dry Cycles:

1 Press the Power button
2 Turn the dial to either Cotton Dry or Synthetic Dry
3 Choose your drying level (see instructions below for the different options)
4 Press the Start/Pause button

Setting the Drying Level

You can set different drying levels to suit how long you wish to dry for and the level of dryness you need.


To use the Dry Level:

1 Choose the wash cycle you need from the cycle dial.

If you want to dry only, select Cotton Dry or Synthetics Dry.

Note that it is not possible to set the Dry Level for some cycles such as the Eco Drum clean.

2 Press the Dry Level button. (Note: on some models this will be the Dry button)
How do I use the dryer on my Ecobubble washer dryer?
3 Continue to press the Dry Level button to cycle through the different Dry Level options

e.g. press it once to select Cupboard, press it twice to select Extra Dry etc.


Cupboard Dry:

Use this option to dry laundry such as cotton, underwear or linen.


Extra Dry:

Use this option to dry heavy garments such as jeans, corduroy and towels.



Use this option to finish the drying cycle in a moist state ideal for easy ironing.


Time Dry:

Use this option to manually select the amount of time you wish to dry for. Press the button through the cycles until you reach the time you desire.

30mins> 1:00h  > 1:30h > 2:00h > 2:30h > 3:00h > 3.30h > 4.00h > 4.30h


No Dry:

Use this option if you don't want to use the dryer

4 Once you have selected your wash cycle and dry level, press Start/Pause to begin your wash and dry cycle.

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