What is Ambient Mode and how do I use it?

Ambient Mode is a feature available on selected QLED TVs  (models Q9FN, Q8CN, Q7FN, Q6FN).  QLED models with this function have a special Ambient Mode button on the remote control to activate the feature.

You can show images, information such as news headlines, weather or the time, add your own photos, or set it to show the music you're playing. You can also use upload a picture of the wall behind the TV so the TV 'disappears' when not in use.


You can open Ambient Mode in any of the below ways:

  • tapping the Ambient Mode button on the remote
  • using the Voice command ("Start Ambient Mode")
  • tapping the Ambient Mode icon on the Smart Hub menu 
  • by using the SmartThings mobile app.


Ambient Mode

You can change Ambient Mode settings such as Colour tone, Auto brightness and Auto timer by navigating to the settings cog on the Ambient Mode menu page. You can also find settings for Ambient Mode in the SmartThings app after you have connected your TV.

Ambient Mode

The 'Info' option on Ambient Mode offers you a choice of Headline News, Weather or Basic options. Headline News shows up to 40 headlines updated throughout the day. The weather shows the hourly weather information for your region. The basic option provides basic time and weather information. Press the 'Select' button while in these modes to update them manually.

1 Open Ambient Mode on the TV
Ambient Mode
2 Navigate to the 'Info' option
Ambient Mode
3 Scroll to either side to select your preferred Info option
Ambient Mode

Please note: 

  • if you select multiple images, these will be displayed in a random order
  • where images have a higher resolution than can be displayed, Auto Cropping will display part of the image. You can adjust the size or shape of the image in Samsung Cloud (if you upload via Samsung Cloud), or in the SmartThings app when uploading (when using the Gallery)

A selection of photos and images are available for you to choose when setting your preferences in the Ambient Mode area of SmartHub. You can also display your own photos or images by uploading them using the Samsung SmartThings app.

1 Open the SmartThings app. Depending on your device, this may be located within the Samsung folder or you may need to download it in the Play Store or Galaxy Apps.
Select the SmartThings app
2 Tap Devices
Tap Devices
3 If you haven't added your TV to the SmartThings app, tap Add Device to add your TV, otherwise skip to step 4 to select your TV
Tap Add device
4 Select your TV from the list
Select your TV
5 Tap the Ambient Mode icon.
Tap the Ambient mode icon
6 Tap Photo
Tap Photo
7 Choose your the type of wallpaper you want. You can choose between Board, Mono and Duo.

'Board' shows a group of photos, 'Mono' shows a single photo and 'Duo' shows two photos. 

8 Choose 'Make My Own'
Make My Own
9 Select the source of your photo. You can add photos from the Gallery on your smartphone or from Samsung Cloud.

Please note: you will need to use the same Samsung Cloud account for SmartThings on your smartphone that you do for the TV.  

Select source
10 If you wish edit the picture, you can do this by tapping it on this screen. If you are happy with your images, tap View on TV
View on tv

Ambient Mode comes with a selection of decorative options.

Mountain shows a mountain image with visual effects that change according to the time or brightness.

Gravity shows a visual effect of silver balls rolling around a circle to represent the time. 

Water shows raindrops and a moving water surface.

Palette consists of a selection of five pages with a moving design.

Decor can be set by going into Ambient Mode, selecting Decor and then using the remote to scroll left or right to choose the desired option and effects. 


You can play music using Ambient Mode contents.

Play music by:

  • using Voice Command e.g. "Play Maroon5" or "Play dance music" (you will need to have Samsung Music, Spotify or other supported music app on your TV)
  • using your Bluetooth connection on your smartphone
  • using the SmartThings app 

Please note: before you start, make sure your TV is on and connected to the SmartThings app in SmartHub.  You will need to use the same Samsung account to log into the app on your TV and the app on your smartphone.

Ambient Mode allows you to set a background image so that your TV blends in against your wall. You have the choice of either using a selection of backgrounds then adjusting the tone to match yours, or by taking a photo of the TV and your wall.  

1 Open the SmartThings app on your smartphone. Depending on your device, this may be located within the Samsung folder or you may need to download it from the Play Store or Galaxy Apps.
Select the SmartThings app
2 Tap Devices
Tap Devices
3 If you haven't added your TV previously, you can do that by tapping Add Device, otherwise select All Devices and then your TV from the list.
Select your TV
4 Select Menu. This will be the three dots at the top right corner.
5 Tap Ambient Background
Ambient background
6 To select one of the signature backgrounds and then adjust it, choose the image at the top and then tap Colour Adjustment

To copy the background of your wall via the camera, you will need to choose one of the icons under Create My Own Background


You can either take a picture of your TV with the wall in the background or you can take a picture of the edge of the TV and the wall.  The better option will depend on the nature of your background and whether you have a pattern on on your wall.  

Select background
Select background
7 If you chose to take a picture of the edge of the screen, select which area you would like to use.

Select the best area of the wall around the TV to take a picture of, then match up the squares on the image on your smartphone with the edges of the TV and the device will generate two backgrounds.

Tap Photo
Line up image

 If you chose the Wall Generation option (which shows the full TV against the background), make sure the TV is within the ines and that there aren't any objects or lights interfering with the TV. 

Take the picture once the lines turn blue. 

Line up image
8 If you wish to take the picture again, choose RETAKE. If you're happy with the background, choose VIEW ON TV

TVs with Ambient Mode have a sensor detecting brightness. The screen will dim in dark settings so as to blend into the surroundings and save power.

You can also set a timer on Ambient Mode so that it automatically goes off after a certain amount of time.  The default timer is 4 hours.

You can set the timer by going into Ambient Mode on your TV (click the Ambient Mode button on your remote or select the Ambient Mode image in SmartHub), then selecting the settings cog, then Ambience Off Timer.  

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