Know the functions of the major Samsung software applications

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020

The following is a list of Software programs provided by Samsung Electronics. Each software has different function and you may be recommended to install some depending on your specific needs.

NOTE : These are provided depending on your computer model and supported operating system.


1. Display Manager

This software shows the screen icon corresponding to the hot key on the keyboard when it is pressed. For example, if an external monitor is connected to a note PC and the Fn+F4 key combination is pressed, the screen is displayed on the external monitor and the corresponding function icon is displayed.


2. Battery Manager

Battery Manager is a management program that allows you to use the battery efficiently. You can select the optimized power mode depending on the system environment.

And it helps the note PC's power management and decreases the LCD brightness when no input from the keyboard or touchpad is detected for a pre-determined period of time.


     Battery Manager


3. Recovery Solution

This software enables running Samsung Recovery Solution in Windows. This function does not work when the restoration area is deleted. Using this software, you can restore the computer to the initial state just like when purchased or a previously backed-up state or back up the current state. Recovery Solution III also provides data backup and restore functions. Click here to download Samsung Recovery Solution


NOTE : For detailed information about these features, click Help in Samsung Recovery Solution.

     Samsung Recovery Solution III


4. Samsung Update Plus

This software enables to update the software and drivers installed on the system over the Internet. With Samsung Update Plus you can :

● Search for the latest driver and pre-installed software for your system.

● Easily download and install updates.

● Automatically search for and install new updates.


NOTE : For detailed information about the features available in Samsung Update Plus, click the Help icon in Samsung Update Plus. CLICK HERE to Download Update Plus.

    Samsung Update Plus


5. Magic Keyboard

This software enables launching a function when the corresponding hot key of the keyboard connected to the system is pressed.


6. Easy ALS Manager

This software detects the ambient illumination (using the Ambient Light Sensor) and automatically adjusts the brightness of the LCD.


7. Easy Speedup Manager

This software enables you to adjust the system performance. Speed Mode, Normal Mode and Silent Mode are supported. For example, when playing a video file while running a number of programs simultaneously, the file may be played intermittently. In this case, if Speed Mode is selected, the


8. Samsung Magic Doctor

Samsung Magic Doctor is troubleshooting software provided by Samsung Computer for system diagnosis, and restoring the system.  


NOTE : For other software programs, please refer to the User Manual or the online help of the corresponding program.


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