Meaning of star rating of an Air conditioner

Last Update date : Aug 05. 2021

What is Star Rating?

A star rating of an air conditioner is an indicator of its energy efficiency. This rating is awarded by BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

A star rating is a good indicator for a consumer to understand the power required to run an AC.


Where can I find the Star Rating of an AC?

The easiest place to find it is on the AC itself. All AC’s will have a BEE label on them. The rating of the AC is indicated with red color stars on the sticker. If all 5 stars are colored, it’s a 5 star AC. If 3 are colored, it’s a 3 star AC. Below the stars, in the centre, you can read “ More stars, More savings”.  This is a direct indication of what the stars mean.

If you want to know about star rating before buying an AC, it’s best to check out the product specification on product page.


Note: This Sticker is provided by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) Department of Energy Saving, Govt. of India.

Will the star rating increase the initial cost of ACs?


  •  In order to increase the energy efficiency, AC manufacturer needs to change the design parameters like increasing airflow, surface area of copper tubes and highly efficient compressor etc.


  • These initiatives lead to increase in the initial cost of the star rated ACs.


  • However, the life cycle cost (Running cost + initial cost) is substantially lesser than ACs not having any  star rating.


  • Purchasing a 5 star AC can minimize your payback period. 

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