Galaxy Watch Active: Transferring Music and Photos

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020

Follow these quick and easy steps to transfer music files and photos from your mobile device in no time. Simply head into your Galaxy Wearables app on your compatible mobile device  Settings → Add content to your watch → Add Tracks/ Copy images → select the files you wish to send over → tap Done.

Please Note:

You can only transfer photos and media files that are saved within the internal storage of your compatible smartphone.

Transferring Music

1 Open the Galaxy Wearables App
accesssing Galaxy wearables app
2 Tap on Settings and select Add content to your Watch
Add content to your watch
3 Select Add Tracks
selecting add tracks
4 Select your preferred tracks and tap Done
<b>Select the Tracks</b> you would like to transfer over and tap <b>Done</b>
5 Open the Music App within your Galaxy Watch Active and locate your recently added music file.
playing music from galaxy watch active

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