Is Memographer(Camera) available in Samsung Galaxy Gear(SM-V700)?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

Yes , Camera is present in Samsung Galaxy Gear (SM-V700). On the side of the strap is a small 1.9-megapixel camera, bulging slightly from the strap. Samsung calls it a Memographer. This feature has been embedded in Galaxy Gear to emphasize the capture of moments with low-resolution pictures and bit-size videos rather than glorious crystal-clear pictures.



(Samsung Galaxy Gear with Camera On)  


Some of the important points about Memographer in Samsung Galaxy Gear are:


● The Memographer options are pretty basic :

   i).  Photos can be 1,392x1,392 or 1,280x960 pixels.

   ii). Videos last 10 seconds, with sound, and can be 720p, 640x640, 640x480, or 480x480 pixels.

● If you wear your watch on the outside of your wrist, the camera sits at the bottom of your hand, nearest your little finger. When you raise your arm , then the camera points outward.

NOTE : Please be careful ,since the placement of the Memographer is such  that it sits under your wrist when your hands are upright, so it could scratch against surfaces.


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