Samsung Mobile: Network Issue

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020

Please Note:

  • This content is created for Indian variant devices.
  • Steps and Images may vary according to Operating System.
Check Mobile Network

Kindly check mobile network at different location or network coverage area.

Select right Network Mode
1 Navigate to Settings -> Connections -> Mobile Networks and Tap Network Operators
Network mode selection
2 Tap on Select automatically.
Network mode selection
3 Disconnect Network pop up will appear. Tap on OK to reconnect network
Network mode selection

Registered on Network will appear

Network mode selection

Select Network Operator
1 Tap on Settings.
Network mode selection
2 Tap on Connections.
Network mode selection
3 Tap on Mobile networks.
Network mode selection
5 Tap on network mode SIM1 or SIM2 and then select LTE/3G/2G(auto connect) as network mode.
Network mode selection

SIM card
1 Check the same SIM card in another device. If still issue persists, then coordinate with your network provider.
2 Check the device with another SIM card. If still issue persists, then please visit Samsung authorized service center.
Reset device

Please check post  resetting your device. 

Note:- If issue still persists , then visit Samsung authorized service center

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