What is Dual Photo-diode in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge(SM-G935FD)?

Last Update date : Oct 14. 2020

By default, each pixel of the camera are configured as a Photo-diode which receives light and the more the number of photo-diode support to widen the area to accept the light. It reduce the noise and you can take pictures with vibrant colors. Since Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge camera supports 12M pixels and each pixel is configured by two photo-diodes, it can absorb much more light than device with a single photo-diode of same number of pixels.



As a result, Galaxy S7 Edge accepts a lot of light in the dark, you can take pictures more clearly without blurring. Dual photo-diode technology of Galaxy S7 Edge is the world's first technology applied in mobile, ensuring the best performance in low light.

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