How to connect DVD/Blu-Ray player using Component Cable

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

STEP 1. Indentifying HDMI Ports

Indentifying Component Connection Ports on TV:


a. On the TV the component connection ports are usually found on the back panel of the TV.





 b. Ports on the DVD / Blu Ray Player : The component connection Ports are available on the back side of the DVD / Blu Ray Player.



STEP 2. Cables & Connections

Cables :


Below listed is the example of a Component cable used in general to connect your DVD / Blu Ray Player with the TV.





Connection Setup :


a. Switch OFF both TV & DVD / Blu Ray Player.

b. Connect one end of the cable to the port on the TV & the other end on the port on the DVD / Blu Ray Player. The colour in the cable connector should match with the one in the TV jack.




c. Power on both the TV & DVD / Blu Ray Player.

d. Press the Source Button on the TV's remote control, and select the Component 1 / Component 2 input.

e. Once the Component input is selected, you are all set and can go ahead and watch your DVD / Blu Ray disc on your TV.




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