What is DNIe Pro in Samsung TVs

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020

DNIe Pro is an enhanced version of Samsung's renowned Digital Natural Image Engine, and Full HD 1080p capability for resolutions of 1920*1080, roughly double that of existing HD-capable TVs.


DNIe Pro uses the following technologies:


a. Six Times Density Enhancer


b. Image Optimizer




a. Six Times Density Enhancer:


This Innovative Technology enables high resolution Picture by improving  Image Density. Samsung Exclusive Technology creates Six Times denser  images, three in width & three length. Enhanced Density allows almost close to perfect Natural colour and provides a Real World perception.



b. Image Optimizer Technology :


Creates Best Quality Colour even for those images with colour weakness. The characteristics of colour weakness are thoroughly analyzed and original colour is converted to provide the best possible images even for a small segment of image.

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