We all want a more sustainable future. Samsung's Eco-Packaging is made out of corrugated cardboard and
features a dot-matrix design, which can be easily recycled or upcycled into home décor, or charming furniture for your pets.
Join our movement and give old cardboard boxes new life by repurposing them into your pet's dream homes!
It's a win-win fur your pets and fur the Earth! #FurTheWin

Share your creations with us by tagging @SamsungPH and #FurTheWin

Tips and Guidelines

Sketch the entire drawing with a pencil to check that it fits on the box.

The numbers reflect the spaces between dots.

Use the edge of a table when folding the cardboard.

You can also press on the cardboard with a coin to help the cardboard to fold.

Cat Tunnel

Difficulty: Easy. 50 mins.
Use with 50”, 55”, 65”, 75” TV boxes


Pet House

Difficulty: Medium. 180 mins.
Use with 50”, 55”, 65”, 75” TV boxes


Pet Stairs

Difficulty: Hard. 150 mins.
Use with 65”, 75” TV boxes


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