How to fix door issue for Samsung Refrigerator?

Last Update date : Sep 21. 2020
Samsung Refrigerator

If you are experiencing issue to either to close or open your Refrigerator door properly, follow this guide below to fix the problem.

Doors is hard to close

When a Refrigerator door is difficult to close properly, the most common explanation will be either the door seal has becoming stiff, damaged, dirty or wear off. 

ㆍCheck whether the door seal is blocked by debris which prevent the door from closing. To clean the door seal, use a soft cloth with warm water

ㆍCheck whether the hinges are obstructed by debris and the plastic spacers are not worn or deformed

ㆍIf the Refrigerator is not levelled, adjust the leg to align the door

ㆍCheck to make sure the door seal is in good condition with no tears or missing/brittle sections

ㆍEnsure that no food items on the shelves are blocking and preventing the door to close properly

ㆍEnsure that all shelves and drawers are properly pushed inside

Door is hard to Open

ㆍClean the door seal

ㆍIncrease the temperature to reduce the vacuum pressure

ㆍSet the temperature accordingly to the food load. Do not set too cold if less food is stored

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