Samsung window type air conditioner troubleshooting guide

Last Update date : Jan 19. 2021

Is your window-type air conditioner not working properly? If you detect a problem, begin troubleshooting immediately. Knowing where common problems originate enables you to troubleshoot and repair your air conditioner and error codes that require the services of a professional technician.  

Refer to the below table if the air conditioner operates abnormally. You can easily fix some of the common issues with your window type air conditioner by troubleshooting the unit for these simple problems before calling in professional help.  This may save time and unnecessary expenses.





Air conditioner does not operate at all

• Check that the power plug is properly connected. Insert the power plug into the wall socket correctly.

• Check if the circuit breaker is switched off.

• Check if there is a power failure

Temperature is not cool enough

  • Check to make sure the selected temperature is set to low.
  • Check if the air filter is blocked by dirt.
  • Clean the air filter every two weeks.
  • Wait 3 minutes after you turned on.

Foggy air flows out

• At COOL mode operation, sometimes there is foggy air flowing out of the unit, this is because the room humid air has been cooling rapidly.

The air conditioner operation is noisy

● For a noise that sounds like water flowing: this is the sound of freon flowing inside the airconditioner unit.

the air conditioner unit.

● For a noise that sounds like a shower: This is the sound of the dehumidifying water being processed inside the air

conditioner unit.

It seems that condensation is leaking from air conditioner

• Condensation occurs when the airflow from the air conditioner cools the warm room air.

Error codes requiring authorized service

 Most of these cases need to be handled by an authorized repair person. Therefore, please contact the nearest Samsung service center.

E2, H5, E5, H4, E4, H3, L9, H5, PL, PH, HC, LP, Fo, F3, F4, F5, F0, E6, F1, F2, U7


Additional troubleshooting tips

In the following situations, immediately stop all operations, unplug the unit, and contact the service center:

  • Operation starts or stops abnormally.
  • Power fuse or switch often breaks.
  • Carelessly splash water or something into air conditioner.
  • Electrical lines are much hot or lines cover breaks.
  • Other strange situations.



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