Layout and functions of window type Samsung air conditioner

Last Update date : May 31. 2023

Window type air conditioners are one of the most common types of air conditioner unit. It is a single unit with all of its components assembled inside the casing which is installed in a window or by making a hole in the wall. These air conditioners have controls on the control panel and also come with a remote. 

Below you will find a diagram for both, detailing each section.

Aircon unit layout

Remote control operation procedure

Have a look at the basic functions of the Samsung air conditioner remote control. You can manage the various functions with the remote control, and this will help to make your stay even cooler and convenient.

Operation guide

1. After putting through the power, press ON/OFF button on remote controller to turn on the air conditioner.

2. Press MODE button to select your required mode: AUTO, COOL, DRY, FAN, HEAT.

3. Press the  + or - button to set your required temperature. Temperature can’t be adjusted under auto mode.

4. Press FAN button to set your required fan speed: auto, low, medium, and high speed.

Remote Control Panel

If wireless remote controller is lost, open the surface panel and operate manually.

1. On/Off button - Operation starts when pressing this button, and stops when pressing this button again.

2. Swing button - Activate the automatic air swing function.

3. Fan - Select the fan speed LOW, MID, HIGH, and AUTO in sequence.

4. Temp/Timer button - Press the arrow up keypad to increase the temperature of the unit. Press the arrow down keypad to decrease the temperature of the unit. The temperature setting range is from 16~30℃. Timer can be set in 0.5 hour increments between 1 and 10 hours, or in 1 hour increments for 10 hours or above after each push on or button.

5. Signal receiver

6. Mode button - Select the operation mode, AUTO, COOL, DRY, FAN (for reverse cycle model).

7. Filter button - This feature is a reminder to clean the Air Filter for more efficient operation and cooling. The LED will illuminate after 250 hours of operation. To reset after cleaning the filter, press the "Check Filter" button, and the light will go off.


Major functions of the remote control

1. On/Off button - Press this button to turn unit on/off.

2. Mode button - Operation mode can be selected by pressing the Mode button.

  • In auto mode, it will operate automatically according to the ambient temperature of the room.
  • In cool mode, the air conditioner will cool your room. Then press the + or - button to adjust the temperature.
  • In dry mode, the air conditioner will operate at low fan speed.
  • In fan mode, the air conditioner will operate in fan mode only. Then press FAN button to adjust the fan speed.

3. + / - button - Press + or - button once will increase or decrease the set temperature by 1°C. Hold the + or - button for 2s, set temperature on the remote controller will change quickly. When setting Timer On or Timer Off, press the + or - button to adjust the time.

4. Fan button - Pressing this button can select the fan speed as:

Note: Cooling only unit can’t receive heating mode signal. If set HEAT mode by remote controller, press ON/OFF button can’t turn on the air conditioner.

5. Swing button - Press this button to turn on the left & right air swing.

6. Sleep button - Under Cool, Heat mode, press this button to turn on the Sleep function. Press this button to cancel. Under Fan, Dry, and Auto mode, this function is unavailable.

7. Timer button - When the unit is on or off, press this button to set Timer Off/Timer On. T-OFF/T-ON and H icon will be blinking. Within 5s, pressing the + or - button to adjust the time for Timer Off/ Timer On. Press + or - button once will increase or decrease the time by 0.5h. Hold the + or - button for 2s, time will change quickly. Release the button after your required set time is reached. Then press the TIMER button to confirm it. T-OFF/T-ON and H icon will stop blinking.

8. Cancel Timer On/Off - If the Timer function is set up, press TIMER button once to review the remaining time. Within 5s, press the TIMER button again to cancel this function.

Function for combination buttons

Child lock function - Pressing “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously can turn on or turn off the child lock function. When the child lock function is started up, the LOCK indicator on the remote controller is ON. If you operate the remote controller, the remote controller won’t send signal.

Temperature display switchover function - Under OFF status, press “-” button and “MODE” button simultaneously can switch between °C and °F.

Light function - Under switch-on or switch-off state, you may hold "+"and "FAN" buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds to set the lamp on or off and send the code. After being energized, the lamp is defaulted on.

  • The distance between the signal sender and receiving window should be no more than 8m, and there should be no obstacles between them.
  • As the signal will have interfered with the electronic devices, please get closer to the air conditioner when using the remote controller.
  • Replace new batteries (AAA 1.5V) of the same model when replacement is required. 
  • When you don’t use the remote controller for a long time, please take out the batteries.

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