What to do if a washing machine vibrates excessively

Last Update date : Jul 22. 2022

Samsung washing machines have many features and programs to get the best results and maximum efficiency. Noise and vibration issues are typically related to improper installation and/or maintenance.

Read on to find out how to reduce the noise or disruption caused by your washing machine while it's running a cycle.

Tips to reduce vibration

If your Washing Machine is making too much noise, there are a few easy things to check.

  • Make sure the shipping bolts are removed. 
  • Make sure the washer is installed on a level, solid floor that is not slippery. If the floor is not level, use the leveling feet to adjust the height of the washer.   
  • Make sure the washer is not contacting any other object.   
  • Make sure the laundry load is balanced. 
  • Overalls or metal-decorated clothes can cause noise while being washed. This is normal.   
  • Metal objects such as coins can cause noise. After washing, remove these objects from the tub or filter case.
Remove the shipping bolts

Samsung Front Load washers typically come with 4 shipping bolts, on the rear of the machine. However, some models only have 3. Additionally, Top Load washers DO NOT have shipping bolts. Before the washer is installed, remove the shipping bolts and store them for later use, in case you move or the washer is moved to a different location.

Washing machine shipping bots
1 Loosen bolts with a wrench if they are too tight to be removed by hand.
2 Grip the shipping bolt with your hand and pull through the wide section of the hole. Repeat for each bolt.
3 Fill the holes with the supplied bolt hole covers. (Make sure you keep the shipping bolts in the event you have to move the machine)
Adjust the feet

Make sure the washing machine is set on a level floor. If the floor is not level, use the leveling feet to adjust the washing machine.

If the machine continues to vibrate excessively after you have adjusted the feet, try adjusting them again while the machine is vibrating, adjusting the feet until vibration is reduced, then tightening the locking nut, this will further improve the machine installation and reduce future vibration noise.

Note : Samsung washing machines use several types of leveling feet.

Adjust the feet using Type A feet:

1 Level your washer by turning the adjustable feet in or out as shown.
2 When your washing machine is levelled tighten the locking nut using a screw driver.

Adjust the feet using Type B feet:

1 Unfasten the locking nut by turning it to the left using a spanner.
2 Level your washing machine by turning the adjustable feet in or out using your hand.
3 Fasten the locking nut by turning it to the right using a spanner.
Balance the load

With any washing machine, it is vital to ensure that the load is evenly balanced when using a spin cycle. Redistribute washing by adding or removing items to ensure a more balanced load.

Single large or heavy items such as bath mats or large towels are unlikely to spin on their own, so please add two or three additional towels and put on another spin cycle.

When washing machine is noisy

If your washing machine makes noise during the spin cycle we have some repair tips below to fix your machine. To identify the proper troubleshooting steps, you'll want to pick the noise in this guide that is most similar to what your washer is making, even if it isn't a perfect match.

Thumping or knocking

To help identify this noise, it can sometimes be a muffled "thump," it's usually accompanied by movement from the washer, and it typically has a steady pattern or beat.)This noise is normal when certain large or waterproof items (like bedsheets) are being washed.If this occurs:

  • It might be because of either an unbalanced load of laundry or some foreign substance.
  • 2Make sure the washer is level.
  • 3Check that the shipping bolts are removed (front load models only).

Note: An easy way to check if the shipping bolts are removed without pulling your washer out to look behind it is to open the door and push against the drum. The drum should rotate freely and bounce slightly when you press against it like it's connected to springs. If it only rotates but doesn't bounce, like it's connected to a rock, the shipping bolts are not removed.

Rattling or clicking

The sound of it is a rapidly repetitive "clatter," often in random, or unsteady pattern.These clicking noises are normal at the beginning and end of a cycle. If this noise occurs throughout the cycle:

  • Make sure the washer is level.
  • Look for anything rattling against the washer (like the power cord or drain hose).
  • Check the tub for loose objects.

Note: The instruction above may differ depending on the model.

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